Our Services

We always give you your options and let you choose the best service at the best price for you.

Smart Key Replacement

Did you lose your keys? Break the fob? Lend them to someone who lost them for you? Just need a spare? Our keys are perfectly cut to the original factory specifications; even the hard ones! We can also repair or replace broken fobs.

Smart Key Programming

Did your key stop working? Drop it in water? We can do that too! Our electronic key programming equipment can re-program your key or a new key with its original programming.

Ignition Replacement

Is your key getting hard to turn or has stopped turning at all? We can troubleshoot your ignition system and repair it to its original setup to get you back on the road again. We repair or replace defective and/or damaged ignition locks.

Door Lock Repair

Perhaps you tried to unlock a frozen door just to hear a nasty pop and now you have to get in through the passenger door? We can fix your broken car door locks, replace the keys, re-key them, or replace them.

Broken Key Extraction

The ultimate insult to injury. Your key breaks off in the ignition or the door and you can't use the spare because some of the metal is still jammed in there. We'll get it out for you and then replace that busted key.